Christmas is a time full of wonder for children and for them receiving a personalised letter from Santa would be a truly magical moment, especially one as beautiful as the letter pictured here.

These letters aren't just printed off on a bit of paper they are beautifully hand written in a rolling script with a real feel of yesteryear.

To give that authentic look to them, as if they come from paper stock that has been in Santa's bureau for many a year, they have a cleverly aged appearance, conjuring up the image of Santa sitting at his desk, before a blazing log fire, writing to your child.

Add to this the fact that each letter is edged in gold gilt and you have a truly lovely memory of Christmas to be cherished forever.

Another touch that makes these entirely handwritten letters from Santa really special is that they are personalised with more than just a name. When you place your order you can include specific details about your child or children such as their accomplishments and what they'd like for Christmas making each letter unique.

Although each letter is unique they can be written to include two children, making them an affordable bit of magic at Christmas. Larger letters can be purchased to include three children.

You are able to script the entire letter too, if you do so wish to.

The envelope and letter are decorated to have an aged look that actually sparkles.

The envelope features my own unique franking mark and Santa stamp as if magically delivered, plus a wax seal on the reverse.

Each letter and envelope are completely hand made to order therefore will differ slightly from sample shown. Please regard them as artwork, to be treasured and looked back on with nostalgia...